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What Are Security Door Locks

Well, the term high security has no precise meaning. SomeLocks Change North York manufacturers take advantage of that fact by arbitrarily using the term to promote their locks. Door locks to be considered high security locks should have features that offer more than ordinary resistance against picking, impressioning, drilling, wrenching, and other common forms of burglary. The most secure locks should also provide a high level of key control. The harder it is for any burglar or an unauthorized person to have a duplicate key made, the more security the lock provides.


Underwriters Laboratories Listing

Its always good to buy the best door locks which have UL (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.) symbol on its packaging or on the face of the cylinder. A UL listing (based on UL standard 437) is a good indication that a door lock or cylinder offers a high degree of security.

To earn the UL listing, a lock or cylinder must meet strict construction guidelines and a sample model must pass rigorous performance and attack tests.

Here are some of its requirements:

  • All working parts of the mechanism must be constructed of brass, bronze,stainless steel, or equivalent corrosion-resistant materials or have a protective finish complying with UL’s Salt Spray Corrosion test.
  • Have at least 1000 key changes.
  • Operate as intended during 10,000 complete cycles of operation at a rate not exceeding 50 cycles per minute.
  • The lock must not open or be compromised as a result of attack tests using hammers, chisels, screwdrivers, jaw-gripping wrenches, pliers, hand-held electric drills, saws, puller mechanisms, key impressioning tools, and picking tools.


Key Control

Another important factor in lock security is key control. The most secure locks have patented key blanks that are available only from the lock manufacturer. At the next level of key control are key blanks that can be cut only on special key machines. This type of key control greatly reduces the number of places where an unauthorized person can have a key duplicated. The least secure locks use keys that can be copied at virtually any hardware or department store.


Lock and Key Patents

One feature of a high-security locks for home is that it provides a high degree of key control. That is, there is restriction on who can make a copy of the key. Such locks are used in situations where you don’t want just anybody to be able to run down to the local hardware store and make copies. One way of restricting copies is by having a patented lock or blank. That allows a lock manufacturer to decide who may copy its keys.


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