Locks Change Richmond Hill

Locks Change Richmond Hill

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Locks Change Richmond Hill

High Security Locks, Designed With Thieves in Mind

Everyday more, the general population is becoming aware about the need to install high security locks in their home or business. Locks Change Richmond HillSince the 1960’s the design and development of locks have continuously improved to the point at which we are today, when there is no reason to leave your properties unprotected with quasi -but-not-quite locks since a series of affordable options exist in the market, especially when considering the low amount a high quality locks represents in comparison to the potential losses generated by break-ins.


The question is, would you protect your $150,000 home with a $50 standard lock that offers no protection or with a $199 top quality option almost impossible to surpass? In half a minute when you finish reading these lines we hope that you understand why reputable locksmiths all around the country don’t feel good about installing low quality locks, although sometimes we have to do it.

For example:

  • If a burglar decides to enter through a back door a steel lock has bolts that grip the door jamb with enough strength so that if it gets hit, most times a regular door will give way before the lock.
  • If a lock is wrenched, a high security lock would have a solid brass collar that spins under pressure so that the wrench becomes useless.
  • 3 million lock picks are sold every year in America, and not all of them fall in the right hands. A common thief can compromise a regular lock quickly enough, but in front of a high security lock the level of expertise is so elevated that the chances of a break-in are reduced 100 times fold.
  • If the door is kicked the door a top quality lock would have been engineered with at least 2″ screws anchoring the strike directly to the property wall or building.
  • When it’s about drilling, the best locks have specially placed steel inserts that affords them with highest possible resistance to a drill attack.
  • When they use a crowbar to pry the lock the bolt itself is surrounded by heavy-gauge tubular steel that defies any crowbar attack.
  • In doors that are close to windows, when they break the glass to reach for the deadbolt the top deadbolts have a thumb-turnkey that is removed when additional protection is warranted.


The list is longer but isn’t it enough to make you want to never again install a cheap lock in your house?

We certainly hope so, because one thing we know for sure is that true lock manufacturers go the extra mile to design their product with thieves mind and that can only be good for you.


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