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Locks Change Etobicoke

Top Tips About Locks You Must Know

Locks are used for securing your home and they must be properly maintained in order to get the best from them. All of them have mechanical parts devised to function together and even though their styles have been improved and made more efficient over the years, their basic mechanisms have remained the same.


There are different types of home locks; mortise, rim and tubular.

A mortise lock has a threaded cylinder that links its both sidesLocks Change Etobicoke and the mechanism is taken in by a box concealed by a cover plate. A rim lock makes use of a cylinder extending through the door hole from the outside while an internal cover plate and a latch secure it to the door. A tubular lock consists of spindles that link two sides of its mechanism and the key is typically inserted into the handle on its knob or cylinder.


The major component of a lock is a latch or bolt that extends from it to the door frame.

When the key is turned, the bolt is pulled back into the mechanism so that the door can be opened. Rim locks have one keyhole, typically on the exterior, while the owner makes use of a latch to open from inside. Mortise locks need doorknobs to use its mechanism as soon as the right key is put into the keyhole. Spindle locks may have keyholes on one or both sides. It is important to note that all of them have disks, pins or wards so that they can be prevented from being indecently opened. The right key gives the owner the opportunity to move the tumblers or pins from the closed position to the open position.


One of the widespread problems with locks is a key that abruptly refuses to open one that it already fits.

This can occur when the grooves in the key have deteriorated to the point that they no longer match tumbler pins or ward positioning snugly enough. This problem can be solved by getting a new key and a working key should be used as a template. When spindle locks stop working properly, the key may open from one side but may have problem in opening from the other side. This problem can be corrected by carefully removing the cylinders or knobs and a flashlight can be used to inspect its spindles. The spindles should be repositioned to realign them and the lock should be tested before replacing the key cylinders.


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