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Xpress Locksmith Elora – Do They Offer Higher Security?

Push Button Locks come in two basic versions; mechanical and electronic. Mechanical push button locks do not need any electricity to operate. Electronic push button locks need some type of electric to operate; either hard wired or battery. I am going to explain the basic functions and differences between both models. They range in price from $75.00 to $350.00 or more. There are many manufacturers that are making both locks. They are designed to fit standard doors either wood, metal or glass. Some of the applications are; commercial, government, military, hospitals, schools and residential.


Mechanical Push Button Locks:

These are designed so that no electric is needed to operate. They have between 10 and 14 buttons that generate over 50,000 possible combinations. They are available with or without a key override and are designed to retro-fit into standard doors. These are a great option for applications that don’t have electric available or for those that don’t want a battery operated lock. A great example is military applications like in Iraq or Afghanistan.

  • 10-14 mechanical buttonsXpress Locksmith Elora
  • Over 50,000 possible combinations
  • Electric or battery power is not needed
  • Option for a key override
  • Can retro-fit into existing doors
  • Easily replaces current locks


Electronic Push Button Locks:

These locks need some type of electric to operate. Over the last few years, battery power has improved and you are seeing many models using this power option. When using battery power this lock is able to replace standard mechanical lock without any modification to the door. This makes installation easy and greatly decreases the cost of the lock. In another article I will discuss this lock in detail. Because it’s electronic it can use buttons, RFID, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Biometric and other ways to operate. A battery operated lock will produce over 150,000 operations depending on the manufacturer. The internal software offers many features such as; master systems, lock out, audit, and tamper time out to name a few.

  • 150,000 operations on battery power
  • Knob or lever handle
  • Key override available
  • Software programming features
  • Low battery warning
  • 50+ User codes
  • Alarm functions and features
  • Available for wood, metal and glass doors


This article is meant as introduction to Push Button Locks, and to provide a basic understanding of the types and features that these locks offer. I will expand on these features in future articles.


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