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All About Biometric Door Locks For Home and Corporate Use.

Biometrics uses a simple technology for security reasons. It has incorporated the Xpress Locksmith Brantfordfingerprint scanner and face detection method inside the door locks. Recognizing someone by looking at his or her face is not enough. For security reasons, you check written signature against his identity. This is being additionally done for security reasons. In fact the method of EAC or electronic access control has been used in different facilities in various forms. Although the James Bond movies have successfully incorporated many of the newest technologies like face detection method and fingerprint scanning, the use of biometric door locks is relatively new.


Now one can use the biometric access control for scanning the fingerprint of the person before they are allowed entry into a restricted zone. The advanced technology of biometrics will probably soon replace different other forms of access control like the PIN code and the magnetic cards which are used for swiping. The can even manage to replace the Radio Frequency ID or RFID. It has been noted by experts that biometrics can be really helpful for those who have a physical disability and cannot operate normal locks. Moreover there are many who are constantly forgetting the PIN code numbers. If you are one of those, the biometric locks can be a good solution for you.


In a biometric access control panel, you just need to place your finger on a small screen which will immediately scan the fingerprint so that you enter the property. Gone are the days when you will be required to carry a bunch of keys and remember precisely every number on the PIN code. In fact a number of facilities like the industrial complexes, high security government offices and day care center schools have been using biometric locks. There are a number of devices which have incorporated the facility of audit trails. These are mainly used to keep a track of all those who are entering the building. The entries will be tracked as per the records of the users, time when they have used the device and the date on which they have used the device.


Biometric access control panels are known to be perfect for keeping surveillance over children.

In most cases it is seen that biometric technology can easily replace the older technologies. They can be used almost anywhere. However there are times when this device can pose a problem. At times it is seen, that the physical attributes do not go well with biometric technology. The device may have some difficulty in recognizing the fingerprint or the physical attribute of the person concerned. When you use a biometric lock, you should get the manual which will offer good tips about the use of the device. It is better to have a good look at the outside operating interface. If the device displays standard numeric keypad on the outside lock body, this will be easier to use. A fingerprint scanner will be a little more complex. If the panel has a full keypad in the front, it will be easier to use it.


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