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Xpress Locksmith Guelph.

Do you get locked out of your house often? Do you tend to lose your house keys? Xpress Locksmith Guelph You know how embarrassing and frustrating it can be. Can’t afford the expense of having a locksmith come out and replace the lock? What if you have to break a window to be able to get back inside your home? Then you have to replace that windowpane, that’s an expense you weren’t planning this month. Thanks to these economic times, replacing a window might get put off, opening a whole can of worms in terms of home security. Have you thought of using key hiders for spare key storage? Can’t think of any safe place to hide your spare?

What if I tell you that there is a unique way to hide spare keys?

In fact, there is a series of key holders that can hide spare keys in plain sight next to your door or in your garden. These unique key hiders are different than your traditional key hider rocks. With one of these key hiders, you eliminate the risk of getting locked out of your house.

There is no need to hire a locksmith for replacement locks nor do you have to break a window to get back inside your home.

In fact, I looked around for pricing and made a rough estimate comparison.

  • Hire a locksmith and replacement locks for one door = about $100
  • Hire a handyman and replace a broken window = about $150
  • Buy one of these unique key hiders = about $12 + shipping


Are you ready to avoid getting locked out of your house and spending unnecessary money on replacements? 519-489-2331


Lock Change Guelph

Locks are what keep a person safe. If you have had a bad break up with a former live in love or have been the victim of theft or even stalking, you may need to change your locks. This will protect you in the event that someone tries to break into your home.

A lock change is as much about safety as it is about security. You shouldn’t have to worry about every bump in the night.

If you have your locks changed, you can sleep without worrying about intruders. The following are some basic tips for how to go about getting the locks shifted.

Firstly, you need to compile a list of potential locksmiths with which to do business. You shouldn’t handle a lock change yourself. This is not a task for an amateur. This is about protecting your home and your safety. Thus, take the time to see what experiences your loved ones have had with area professionals.

Additionally, go online and research reviews and ratings about companies and professionals. Work with the very best people so that you can build relationships and use them in the future.

Next, talk to companies about your options. Your locks may be old, and an experienced locksmith can walk you through all of your options. Ask them as many questions as you want. Locks are integral to your safety. Thus, you should know everything possible about them. An experienced locksmith will know everything there is to know about the most advanced locks on the market.


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