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Why trust fixing your garage door opener to amateurs when you can call in the professionals; Your garage door is the part of your home that can be the most dangerous, but can also provide an exceptional amount of security when it comes to your home. If you need to fix your garage door opener, Xpress Garage Door Openers can help with that. We can help with garage door opener repairs on overhead garage door openers, Wayne Dalton garage doors, Clopay garage doors, residential garage doors, and commercial garage doors.

The garage door opener is an imperative part to your garage door, without the opener your garage door wouldn’t automatically open and close with the click of your remote. Instead, you would have to manually open and close the garage door. If you are having any trouble at all with Xpress garage door opener, we can help!
Types of Garage Door Openers

There are only four types of garage door openers used today:

*   Chain Drive
*    Belt Drive
*    Screw Drive
*   Jack Shaft

Chain Drive Garage Door OpenersChain Drive Garage Door Openers

These are the most common openers found today- Consumers love them for their ease of use, cost, and efficiency. However, something that most people don’t realize is that these tend to generate the most noise, and tend to be a bit of a nuisance.

Belt Drive Garage Door OpenersBelt Drive Garage Door Opener

Belt Drive openers are similar to chain drive, except for one major difference: They could operate inside a library. With their ease of use, efficiency, and quiet operation, they are viewed as a premium garage door opener.

Screw Drive Garage Door Openers Screw Drive Garage Door Openers

Xpress Garage Door Openers Screw Drive Openers are typically used for heavy-duty applications, as they are extremely powerful motors. Using a single threaded rod, they are not the fastest option, but certain the strongest- Not only great for homes with luxury doors, but also commercial applications.

Jack Shaft Garage Door OpenersJack Shaft Garage Door Openers

Jack Shaft Openers are the least common of the four, and also happens to be a very specialized door opener. These are only used in situations where there is not enough space for a traditional garage door and opener.

You can learn more about Garage Door Openers at the Liftmaster website.

Let the professionals take care of your garage door opener. Call us now at (866) 350 – 4614 and let us show you the Xpress Garage Door Openers difference.

Are you experiencing problems when you try to open or close your garage door fully?

If you cannot open or close your door until the end, it’s probably an opener issue, which should be handled by a licensed, professional garage door technician.

Getting the work done by Xpress Locksmith and Garage Doors means getting the most dedicated service and superior quality parts, for the lowest rates possible.

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What is a garage door opener?

The opener is the mechanism that is responsible for the distance that your garage door moves. This is the part that makes the door move far enough to get the door closed or opened.

Unlike many people think, the opener is not the unit that provides the lifting power, which comes from the springs. There are different types of openers for different types of garage doors, but they all serve the

Possible issues

Since garage door openers are made to control very large and heavy moving objects. That’s the reason why they are designed to stop working, once something goes wrong.

Although they are made from the finest materials, problems can occur:

The opener makes working noise, but nothing happens
*** Garage door doesn’t close far enough
*** Door suddenly opens, without any reason
*** Garage door doesn’t open at all

The opener’s mechanism is not designed to be handled by amateurs. Once you come across an opener-related issue, make sure that you let a professional handle it! You don’t want your garage door to fall.

For this reason, Xpress Garage Doors offers emergency garage door openers repair and replacement services, around the clock.

Our licensed and experienced techs are armed with great equipment, best brands of replacement parts and last but not least – vast knowledge. We will fix your opener on the spot, or replaced it with a new one, if it’s necessary.

Dial (866) 350-4614 now for a free estimate, we will be more than glad to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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